UD Truck Wreckers Australia

Commercial Vehicle Dismantlers & Recyclers UD Trucks

We Professionally dismantle UD truck salvage for spares and reuse, As Environment Agency licensed Australia truck breakers located in Canberra & Perth, specializing in components for Croner PK & PD Models 4×2, 6×2, Quon CD, CW, GK, GW & CG Models 6×2, 6×4, 4×2, 6×4 & 8×4 and more. As a family operated truck salvage yards we pride ourselves in providing the best possible customer service.

UD Truck Cabs 

We have an impressive selection of used UD truck cabs available from vehicles we are dismantling, some of these are ready to fit, also having damaged cabs suitable for jigging or to salvage panels and major sections from. Additionally we have a large quantity of reclaimed fiberglass, metal and composite doors, wings, step boxes, grills, spoiler kits, catwalks, wheels etc.

UD Truck Wreckers Australia

Big Wheels Wrecker is Truck Wreckers and Commercial Truck Breakers. Supplying Used Truck Parts and Used Truck Parts for sale in both the ACT and Western Australia markets. From within our large truck breakers facility based in the Australia. We salvage UD trucks. All types of Trucks Rigids, Flats, Curt-insiders, Tippers, Tail Lifts, Municipal Vehicles and many more. From leading brand manufacturers, Including UD Pk265, UD PW 24 280, UD Condor PD24280, UD GW, UD PK17 280, UD Mk Series, UD MK11-250, UD PK16 250.


Located just outside Canberra, Big Wheels Wrecker’s has been in the truck parts business for over 20 years. We buy medium and heavy truck parts, sell medium and heavy UD trucks, equipment and salvage. We have 1000’s of used truck parts available and we can help find the part you need! Give us a call toll free at 0413 085 575 and we’ll find it.
We specialize in Heavy Duty Truck parts from engines to transmissions and offer expert understanding and experience in all makes and models. Buying from Big Wheels Wrecker’s will help you save time and money, let us be your alternative to new replacement parts! We make sure you get the part you need; nothing more and nothing less.

UD Trucks Breaking and Salvage

We specialize in recycling late model truck salvage and all parts are inspected and have a 90 day warranty. Big Wheels Wrecker has been in business for over 20 years and is a competitive force in the Heavy Duty industry.

At Big Wheels Wrecker we have amassed a large selection of off the shelf Truck Axles. Brake Assembly Parts, Truck Cabs, And Interior Truck Cab Parts. Crane Attachments, Truck Exhausts and DPF’S. Truck ECU Units, and Truck Electrical Parts. Used Truck Engines and Truck Engine Parts, Truck Gearboxes Truck Fuel Tanks, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Injectors. Suspensions, Truck Prop-shafts and Springs. Radiators, Truck Starter Motors, Truck Alternators, Truck Steering Columns. Truck Steering Racks and assembly parts, Truck Wheels and Truck Tires. Because of our reliable reputation, Our customer base is pretty much Australia wide. Our used UD Truck Parts can save you upwards of 70% of the purchase price of a new truck part.

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