4×4 Removal
Same Day 4×4 Removal Services in Australia

Are you keeping your fingers crossed now that the old, scrap 4×4 vehicle has been sitting idle in your garage for years? Worry not, for you have Big Wheels Wrecker around. With years of experience and some of the best auto wreckers around, you do not have to worry – for we will not let your 4×4 be a potent source of health or environmental hazards. All you have to do is hire us to have your 4×4 removal. And believe us, the process is as easy as it can be.

Our 4×4 Removal Service is Easy

  • Our 4×4 removal service involves the following simple steps:
  • Call us to let us know the condition of your of your vehicle, its age, make, and model
  • We offer you a tentative quote depending on the information you provider
  • Once you oblige, we turn up, inspect your firsthand, and pay the price you truly deserve for your car on the spot
  • Tow it away immediately.
No needless wait ** No cumbersome paperwork ** no unsatisfactory payment
It’s that easy and fast!!!
Just call us and see how different our removal is.
What makes our 4×4 Removal Service unique?
  • We have local drivers who tow away scrap 4x4s, sticking to the local rules and regulations
  • We pay you precisely the price that you deserve, with no hidden deductions
  • We are transparent, and we never let your contribute to your carbbon footprint
  • The technology we use for wrecking and dismantling your 4×4 is absolutely eco-friendly
  • When it comes to disposing of redundant spare parts, we follow ‘green’ technology

In short, we are the safest auto wreckers you can look for in Australia.

What types of old 4×4 do we deal with?
At Big Wheels Wrecker, we buy away:

  • Scrap vehicles
  • Old vehicles
  • Unwanted vehicles
  • Written off 4WDs
  • Accident-damaged 4×4
  • 4WDs that have been declared unsafe
  • Outdated 4×4

What 4×4 Brands do we deal with?

We deal with all the leading heavy, medium, and light 4×4 brands available in Australia and they include Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Mercedes and the likes.

So when you put stakes in us for same day 4×4 removal, we can promise you a pleasing car removal experience.

Call us to Book An Appointment with Our Experts
Call us to book an appointment with our experts for an inspection of your 4×4 and get a tentative quote. Or you can write to us to learn more about us and our deliverables. See how we differ from others in terms of perfection, professionalism, and promptness.